Visit a hammock bag weaver. vol.2 2024 Mexico Trip

I went to Larainsar village to meet a hammock bag weaver.
Continuing from last time , we arrived at the weaver's house.

Several families share the work of weaving the hammock bags.

This time we went to the home of one of the families.
mother, daughter, children. Dad was at work.

On the first floor, the little sisters are preparing breakfast.

As I ascended to the second floor, surrounded by the warm aroma of tortillas baking on a griddle , I found a workshop with several looms, a spinning wheel, and a weaving machine.

Part of making a hammock bag. A spinning wheel is used to sort the threads before they are put on the loom . It may seem easy at first glance, but winding the thread without slack is difficult.

Set the thread on the loom and weave the bag. A weaving method called ``Koshibata'' is used to secure the fabric to the pillars and waist.
It looks like it takes a lot of force to weave the fabric evenly so that it doesn't distort, but she said, ``You don't need any force.'' That's amazing...

Watch the video here .

After the weaving is complete, gather the remaining threads together to make a handle. thread All twisting is done by hand.

Checking the sample of the new hammock bag I ordered. I tried changing the parts that were previously sewn by hand to machine sewing, changing the size, and adding pockets. The challenge begins by finding a seamstress to sew new pockets.

The Dominga family is putting together the orders. The mother behind me is also weaving a hammock bag. After the meeting, I took a picture to thank everyone for their hard work (I also included my daughter who really wanted to take a picture with me...)

Since ancient times, women have been able to do work while watching their children.
Villagers supported their families by working from home.

Next, I will post what I felt after visiting Lalainsar Village.

Through the hammock bag,
I wish people would know that this kind of place and life exists.

This is what I want to convey through handcrafted items.

slow and local handcraft.