POP UP announcement for March and April <Kobe, Kyoto, Tokyo>

Good evening. This is NOZOMI from NOZZI BAZZAR.

It's March and it's suddenly getting warmer.

This year's POP UP starts from Kansai!

The following events will be held in March and April.


・Daimaru Kobe store 1st floor women's clothing section 3.9 (wed) - 15 (tue) 

・Shisamu Koubou Kyoto Ura Teradori store 3.19 (sat) - 25 (fri)

・naked market kyoto 3.27 (sun)

・Daimaru Tokyo store 1st floor 3.30 (sun) - 4.5 (fri)


・JR Kyoto Isetan 5th floor women's wear SPOT 4.20 (wed)- 26(tue)

Our hammock tote bag is always popular.

This time I tried a new design and had it woven.

Accessories with a natural atmosphere that have just arrived from Haiti

We also plan to display ceramic interior accessories, plates, wood plates, etc.

Of course, everything is fair trade.

We support creators to continue their creations.

If possible, we will also post the online shop at the same time, so please look forward to it.

I hope you have a wonderful encounter. Thank you very much.

<About the online store during the POP UP STORE period>

■Except for some products, you can purchase them at the online store during the POP UP STORE period.
Due to the large number of one-of-a-kind items, we only accept credit card/cash on delivery as payment methods.
We apologize to customers who wish to pay by bank transfer, but we appreciate your understanding as we will be selling the product in parallel with the store.