Handcraft around the world


Handcrafts created by hands from all over the world.

The background behind this is the philosophy and lifestyle of the creator, and the background of manufacturing is filled with the joys, failures, and various experiences of the creators.

Handcrafts selected from around the world are purchased directly from the makers, or through fair transactions with trusted partners and local fair trade organizations, paying fair prices to the makers, and then being shipped across the ocean to Japan. It has arrived.

Things that we use every day, wear occasionally, look at, and are always in places where we can see them, things that accompany us in our daily lives.

By getting to know the makers and the people who live there, you may become more attached to the item, want to use it for a long time, or find an opportunity to connect with something.

We believe that if we think about each other through handcrafted items, the world will be in a positive cycle, and NOZZI BAZZAR tells the stories and production scenes of craftsmen and artists from all over the world.