Delivered in eco-friendly packaging

[About our store's packaging]

Our store sells traditional handicrafts from around the world.

It comes from everyday life.

without using chemicals

Materials made using production methods unique to the area

Things filled with wisdom for everyday life, such as how to use things with care.

Long before the words "ethical" and "sustainable" were coined,

Things that are made in a lifestyle where nature and people coexist comfortably.

As a person who delivers such handcrafted items,

Basic packaging

[Burnable/Does not become garbage]

We deliver our products using environmentally friendly materials.

The illustrations printed on the wrapping paper are the nine ethical keywords that our store values.

(Introduced in About Shop ).

Previously, the products were delivered in compost bags made from plant-based materials (which return to the soil) , but we have discontinued their use due to concerns about their strength and weather.

In addition, the outer box We used to send items in reused cardboard , but we have stopped using them to prevent bed bugs from breeding in cardboard (don't worry, we do not have bed bugs in our store).

We use new cardboard and outer bags.

Please understand that we will make changes to suit the situation at the time to the extent possible.

We use paper as much as possible to cushion fragile items.

When I run out of stock, I sometimes use bubble wrap (reused).

The tags and some of the paper are made from recycled paper from origami cranes that was recycled as part of the Hiroshima City-approved ``Original Crane Recycling Model Project''.

(Approximately 10 million origami cranes (approximately 10 tons) are collected each year, making storage and maintenance a challenge.)

A portion of the proceeds from this recycled paper will be donated to Hiroshima City's peace contribution projects.

[About gift wrapping]

Through gifts, in a natural way

I thought it would be nice to be able to participate in reducing flower waste and the problem of flower waste.

Dried flowers used for wrapping

We use flowers (Ross flowers) that will be discarded at flower shops.

Ross flower wrapping

Even if it is no longer sold, it can still be used as a dried flower.

You can still enjoy Rossflower

A mix of seasonal flowers and paper strings and vegetable-dyed strings are added.

As with normal packaging, we try to use packaging that produces as little waste as possible.

We do not include receipts or price tags, so don't worry when giving as a gift.

To continue gift wrapping in the future

We are in the process of charging a fee, but currently it is available for free.

Please feel free to enter your preference for wrapping in the notes section when ordering.

If shopping leads to ethical behavior,

We believe that both we and nature can become richer.
What our store can do in consideration of the environment
I would like to take action one step at a time.
We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

FSC certification

FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council, certifies that the paper products that make up printed tissue paper come from responsibly and sustainably managed forests and supply chains.