Handcrafted in Colombia

Mochila's philosophy

'Creative and passionate people

fundamentally change the world

We can change it for the better.'

Mochira is made based on one belief.

This mochira is for your life

I hope it gives you some inspiration.


Chorrera is a small town in northern Colombia. The main industry in this region is crocheted knitted products.

Craftsmen from across the North Atlantic region have come together to establish the Chorrera Craftsmen's Association and are working to preserve traditional techniques.


Bags and accessories are designed by our own team.

Its beauty and high quality are the result of craftsmen who refine their hand-weaving techniques every day.


By producing original Mochira and disseminating it to the world, we are passing on traditions from generation to generation, improving the quality of life for craftsmen and their families, and revitalizing local communities.

How Mochila was created

Weaving mochira is mainly women's work. It takes about 8 to 10 days to weave one mochila. The straps, which require strength, are the responsibility of men.

There are three craftsmen involved in making each mochira every day: the person who weaves the mochira, the person who weaves the straps, and the person who connects them.


What you can do with fair trade