Aroma Incense Stick Tirth Karan

Aroma Incense Stick Tirth Karan
Aroma Incense Stick Tirth Karan
Aroma Incense Stick Tirth Karan
Aroma Incense Stick Tirth Karan

Aroma Incense Stick Tirth Karan

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Indian aroma incense.

The set includes an approximately 10cm incense stick, stand, and matches.

Unlike regular incense, bamboo is not used for the core [Banboo Free].

In Hinduism, burning bamboo is considered undesirable, and this item was created based on that philosophy.

There is a special stand, so if you prepare an incense tray to catch the ashes, you can use it like regular incense (see photos and videos). Incense plates are sold separately).

Burning time is approximately 60 minutes.

It emits a lot of smoke, so it is recommended that you ventilate it while burning.

The scent remains, and once you burn it, you can enjoy the scent for several days.

Made from pure essential oils, fragrance oils and wood powders The scent is sweet and gorgeous, reminiscent of a flower garden.

Rather than a subtle scent, incense leaves a strong aroma and fragrance.

It is well known that aromas enhance the mood, lifting the spirit, reducing anxiety, and relieving tension.

For meditation, spiritual healing, and refreshing your space.

The packaging is cute, so it's also recommended as a small gift.

[Country of origin] Made in INDIA

Vender : unitedfragrances

In Hinduism, bamboo symbolizes descendants in the family, and the idea that burning bamboo is directly related to the destruction of future generations reaching Pitru Dosha is what led the brand to create Banboo Free incense. We produce high quality aromas and fragrances in India.


Approximately 10cm long, 15 pieces, stand and matches included (incense plate in the photo is sold separately)


Indian essential oils, fragrance oils, wood powders

* Once lit, do not leave it unattended and keep it away from all flammable materials. Please be careful about the amount of smoke when burning in a place with a fire alarm.


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