hand block print kurta

hand block print kurta
hand block print kurta
hand block print kurta
hand block print kurta
hand block print kurta
hand block print kurta
hand block print kurta
hand block print kurta
hand block print kurta
hand block print kurta

hand block print kurta

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Deep side slits allow air to flow through 'Kurta'.

This style is often worn in India, where the temperature is high, and it is comfortable to wear. Once you wear it, you'll get used to it.

It's good for walking and riding a bicycle, making it perfect for everyday use.

The material is 100% Indian cotton, which is breathable and quick drying.

It's thin and light, so it doesn't get sluggish when layered, so you can wear it all year round, not only in hot weather, but also with cardigans.

As shown in the photo, it looks refreshing when paired with white pants, and goes well with colored pants and indigo denim.

It's a little transparent. Since it has an all-over pattern, it won't show through your skin color, but if you are concerned about it, please wear an inner layer.

With pockets on both sides.

The sleeves are Bell sleeves flare slightly towards the bottom.

It has the effect of making your wrists look thinner and has a feminine silhouette.

With roomy sleeves You can also layer it with cut and sewn innerwear.

The chest has a gentle curve Less exposure, giving an elegant impression.

It has a loose fit so it can be worn by people of a wide range of body types.

Stress-free comfort that is perfect for when you want to relax. Also recommended for maternity.

We produce in small quantities and in one-size-fits-all sizes to avoid putting a burden on people and the environment.

When shortening the length, the silhouette remains the same no matter where you cut it. Straight silhouette.

You can easily adjust the length to your liking by using hem tape, which allows you to adjust the length just by applying tape.

Printing is a traditional Indian craft called ``hand block printing,'' in which hand-carved woodblocks are dipped in ink and pressed onto cloth to create patterns.

hand block print

In the fall of 2022, I visited a dyeing and block printing workshop and observed part of the process.

Hand block printing is a multi-step process in which the pattern is completed by pressing dyes and blocks as many times as the colors to be used.

We decide who will be in charge based on the color and pattern and take turns pressing the wood stamps to print. The more delicate the pattern, the more time and labor it takes, and only a small number of pieces of cloth can be finished in a day.

Clothes with hand block prints, which take a lot of time and effort to make, have a sense of depth.

There are a huge number of designs Among the hand block prints, we chose a delicate botanical pattern that reproduces the designs used when printed fabrics were exported to Europe in the late 17th century .

The hand-carved patterns and the depth of the overlapping dyeing create an impressive appearance.

Great for relaxing at home or active everyday wear.

Enjoy the casual style of adults.

The person wearing the image is 169cm tall. If you are concerned about the size, please feel free to contact us. We can also introduce details via LINE video call. Please click here .

*The images are taken in natural lighting to bring them closer to the real thing, but please note that colors may appear differently depending on your monitor. 

*Everything from dyeing to making is done by hand. There may be uneven dyeing, small stains, marks, etc. In particular, there are individual differences in color when dyeing with plants. The sewing is also different from Japanese industrial products. Thank you for your understanding before purchasing.

* Printing is a traditional Indian craft called " Hand Block Printing, " in which hand-carved woodblocks are dipped in ink and patterns are stamped onto the cloth by hand. There may be some blurring or ink splatter. Please understand that it is a unique taste that can only be achieved by hand.

* We recommend hand-washing with water, but when washing in a washing machine, be sure to put it in a laundry net and wash it separately on delicate mode. Due to the nature of the material, shrinkage and wrinkles may occur. Do not use optical brighteners or chlorine bleach for detergents. Please note that vinegar may cause discoloration. Please be gentle when dehydrating and avoid using a dryer. When ironing, please iron from the back side at medium temperature.

*Uses natural dyes such as plants. You may notice some discoloration the first few times, but it will gradually subside. If it gets wet, the color may transfer to other items. Initially, avoid wearing it on rainy days. When sending your clothes for cleaning, please consult the cleaning shop to confirm that the clothes are dyed with plants. Click here for instructions on how to care for each item.

[Country of origin] Made in INDIA


Lay flat Length (back of neck to hem) 116cm Total length (shoulder to hem) 120cm Width (straight distance from underarm) 60cm Shoulder width 45cm Sleeve length 47cm

Because it is handmade, there are individual differences. Please note that the stated size is a guideline and may vary by approximately 1-2 cm.


Material cotton


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