Sustainable hoop earrings NORA Black + White

Sustainable hoop earrings NORA Black + White
Sustainable hoop earrings NORA Black + White

Sustainable hoop earrings NORA Black + White

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NOZZI BAZZAR’s sustainabilityNOZZI BAZZAR’s sustainability

"Black + White" is a modern take on a classic design.

The material is cellulose acetate made from wood pulp. High quality, durable and renewable material.

It is more transparent than petroleum-based plastic, and has a unique color and texture. It is particularly characterized by its glossy texture.

It also has the advantage of being durable and scratch-resistant.

Both weigh only 4g, so light that you'll forget you're even wearing it.

The design looks great in everyday casual situations and can be worn without hesitation.

Many plastic products are derived from petroleum, but they face many issues such as resource depletion, global warming, and waste issues.

Plastics made from plant-derived wood pulp and cellulose acetate are called biomass plastics, and they emit virtually no carbon dioxide when incinerated. It can be said to be carbon neutral.

Furthermore, using wood with a fast growth cycle as raw material helps protect forests.

Sustainable materials are something I would like to actively pursue in the future.

It is an accessory that helps protect the environment while enjoying the latest designs.

[Country of origin] Made in Thailand

Vender: NAT+NOOR
An American jewelry brand founded by Natalia, who has a background in art and design. "NOOR" means "light" in Arabic. She offers simple, high-quality jewelry inspired by her lifestyle of loving the ocean, nature, people, and color.


Approx. Height 3.7cm Width maximum 3.7cm Width 4mm

[Materials and care instructions]

Material Cellulose acetate Piercing post is hypoallergenic stainless steel

・Please refrain from wearing it in the shower, pool, ocean, hot springs, etc.


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