Block print cotton pouch BIG

Block print cotton pouch BIG
Block print cotton pouch BIG
Block print cotton pouch BIG
Block print cotton pouch BIG
Block print cotton pouch BIG
Block print cotton pouch BIG
Block print cotton pouch BIG

Block print cotton pouch BIG

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Indian block print pouch.

We have created three types of pouches to offer you something that allows you to easily enjoy Indian block prints.

This is a pouch with a simple form that is easy to use in everyday life.

Please watch this video for the capacity.

The BIG size pouch has a large capacity that can hold plenty of body cream, room spray, oil, and even large body fats.

Perfect for storing a foldable hair dryer or beauty equipment you want to carry! Some customers say so.

It is a versatile size that can be used as a travel pouch or baby care goods pouch.

The outside is made of medium-weight cotton material that protects from impact.

The dyed cotton on the inside is washed to create a gentle color, but not too sweet.

It has two inside pockets.

Thanks to the Indian craftsmen who responded to our detailed orders, we were able to create a cute and highly functional pouch.

Printing is a traditional Indian craft called ``hand block printing,'' in which hand-carved woodblocks are dipped in ink and pressed onto cloth to create patterns.

We manufacture our products in small quantities to avoid putting a burden on the creators and the environment.

hand block print

In the fall of 2022, I visited a dyeing and block printing workshop and observed part of the process.

Hand block printing is a multi-step process in which the pattern is completed by pressing dyes and blocks as many times as the colors to be used.

We decide who will be in charge based on the color and pattern and take turns pressing the wood stamps to print.

The more delicate the pattern, the more time it takes to make it, and the number of pieces of cloth that can be completed in one day is small.

The presence of block print fabric, which takes time and effort to create, is unique.
From a huge selection of designs, we have selected designs that can be used for a long time without being influenced by trends.
The colors are pink, blue, green, and yellow.
Jewelry pouch, cotton pouch, cotton pouch BIG from above (This is the size introduced here) .
The practical pouch is also recommended as a gift.
We offer free gift wrapping with Ross flowers that were scheduled to be discarded at the flower shop. Please enter your preference for wrapping in the notes section when ordering.

[Country of origin] Made in INDIA


Approx. Height 14cm Width 22cm Depth 6.5cm

There are individual differences as each piece is handmade. Please note that the stated size is a guideline and may vary by approximately 1-2 cm.
There may be wrinkles, uneven coloring, differences in color shading, small stains, etc.
There may be some color fading, so please wash separately from other laundry.
Please note that if it gets wet, the color may transfer to other items.




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