Indigo dyed tie-dye Corazon T-shirt

Indigo dyed tie-dye Corazon T-shirt
Indigo dyed tie-dye Corazon T-shirt
Indigo dyed tie-dye Corazon T-shirt
Indigo dyed tie-dye Corazon T-shirt
Indigo dyed tie-dye Corazon T-shirt

Indigo dyed tie-dye Corazon T-shirt

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Japanese indigo tie-dye T-shirt

This tie-dye T-shirt is made with carefully selected materials and shapes and is dyed with indigo.

Konya Hitoshi, a married couple in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture, carries out the traditional Japanese method of ``Hondate Sei Aizome'', which has been practiced since the Muromachi period.

This is a special tie-dyed T-shirt that is made by cultivating indigo without using any pesticides, and each piece is hand-dyed.

In modern times, indigo dyeing using chemicals is the mainstream, but there are still only a few people in Japan who grow indigo using ancient methods and make dyes.

Because it requires more effort, time, and care than regular indigo, many craftsmen quit because the results are not worth it, making it a valuable product. ``Hondate Sei Aizome''.

In April 2023, when the indigo seeds were just rolled, I visited Hitoshi Konya.

In the center of the photo is "Sukumo," a dye made from indigo. On the right is the "bed" where the harvested indigo is dried, fermented, and aged.

In order to improve water drainage, the bedding is removed every year and the beds are made. In order to explore the ancient methods of Japan, Mr. Hitoshi sometimes reads the ``Kojiki'', so much so that he uses traditional methods to make his pieces.

His wife Miyuki dyed the indigo dye that was created using Hitoshi's experience and intuition, as well as his powerful yet delicate work.

Hitoshi Konya's indigo dyeing does not fade as seen with vegetable dyeing, and changes to a clear blue color with repeated washing and drying.

You can wash it in the washing machine as usual, so you can wear it without hesitation.

There are two patterns: the white T-shirt is a pale indigo color, and the beige T-shirt is a strong indigo color.

Because each piece is hand-dyed, no two patterns are the same.

The pattern may differ from the photo, but the pattern is exquisite and you can feel the professional craftsmanship.

The hand-drawn illustration on the chest expresses the playful spirit of adults.

Click here for the undyed white T-shirt (there is also a picture).

The material is 100% cotton with a soft texture.
20/- degree cotton jersey is characterized by its tight mesh and firm thickness, yet supple firmness.

The neck, sleeves, and hem are made with twin needles to prevent stretching and are tough.

It won't be see-through even if you wear it alone, but since it's white, it's a little see-through.

It's a size that doesn't cling to your skin and doesn't flatter your body line.

The long sleeves, almost half-length, give you a relaxed look while covering your arms.

The loose width of the body gives it a loose fit and a flattering silhouette.

This is a T-shirt that you want to wear alone and make it the centerpiece.

[Country of origin] Made in JAPAN

[Size] Lay flat: Length 65cm Shoulder width 45cm Width 48cm

[Material] 100% cotton with a soft texture.


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