Madre ring Gold

Madre ring Gold
Madre ring Gold
Madre ring Gold
Madre ring Gold
Madre ring Gold

Madre ring Gold

No. 11 : 残り1点 No. 11.5 : 残り1点 No. 14 : 残り1点 No. 16 : 残り1点 Regular price ¥15,950
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Bufalo Estelar is a jewelry brand with simple yet sophisticated designs.

Our symbols are inspired by nature, ethnicity, creativity, light, alchemy, art, history, and more , and each piece is imbued with sacred meaning.

``Hand'' (mano in Spanish) means ``grasp happiness'' in Mexico.

A popular symbol that brings good luck .

It is expressed through the city's art, design, and handicrafts, and is loved by the people.

“Madre” is Spanish for (mother).

It expresses a mother's love nestled in her little hands.

The gold is 925 silver coated with a layer of 24K gold.

Works using precious stones are personally sourced by designer Isabel,

The intention is for the stone to receive messages from the heart and charge energy.

Mexico used to have silver mines, so it has a high level of processing technology for silver products.

It is made by skilled craftsmen in a workshop in Jalisco, Mexico .

Enjoy a small piece of art that you can wear every day .

[Country of origin] Made in Mexico

Vender: Bufalo Estelar
After 10 years as a fashion designer, Isabel Gómez Ramos created a jewelry brand that created pieces made of 925 silver and gold, as well as precious stones hand-molded by Mexican artisans. Inspired by Native American statues, it was named after the image of the eagle, a natural apotheosis. We are particular about timeless design and quality, and each piece contains a message that will serve as a talisman for the wearer.


No. 11, diameter approximately 16.3mm, No. 11.5 approximately 16.5mm, No. 12 approximately 16.8mm, No. 14 approximately 17.3mm, No. 16 approx. 18mm


Material 925 silver 24k gold coating


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