mexican maguey net bag cream

mexican maguey net bag cream
mexican maguey net bag cream
mexican maguey net bag cream
mexican maguey net bag cream
mexican maguey net bag cream
mexican maguey net bag cream
mexican maguey net bag cream

mexican maguey net bag cream

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Maguey net bag From Tenejapa, Chiapas, Mexico

A traditional shoulder bag made by male artisans in Tenejapa, a small village in Chiapas, Mexico.

It has been used primarily for transporting food since the time of the ancient Maya .

The fibers of a plant called Maguey, a type of agave, are smoked and made by hand. It is characterized by its strength when twisted.

It is knitted from a single thread without any seams or knots, making it durable enough to not tear even when heavy objects are placed on it.

It's stretchy both vertically and horizontally, making it very light yet large-capacity, making it perfect for marche bags.

The elastic design allows it to be rolled up compactly.

The strap is genuine leather. The more you use it, the more the color and hardness will change and become familiar.

The strap is passed through the loop on one side of the net bag and tied to the loop on the other side to secure it in place, so you can freely adjust the length depending on where you tie it .

Since the leather has a slightly hard texture, it may feel difficult to form knots at first, but the more you use it, the softer it will become.

It can fit tablets, pouches, long wallets, smartphones, thin cardigans, etc.

When I was staying in Mexico, I saw this net bag worn by an old man at a market, and it was so cool and impressive.

The natural atmosphere of the material and the slightly rustic appearance will add a ``comfortable'' feel to your everyday outfit.

This is a net bag that can be shared with men.

[Country of origin] Made in Chiapas, Mexico


Lay flat: Length (from ring to edge): 60 cm Width: 30 cm ~ Strap length: ~ 90 cm There may be individual differences due to hand-knitting.

Model wearing height: 169cm


Material Maguey, genuine leather

There is no lining.

・Please be careful not to rub it on your clothes as the color may transfer at first.

As all products are produced by hand using natural plants, there may be slight individual differences in color and shape. Please understand this as a unique characteristic of this product.


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