Kids Reversible Quilted Jacket Pink

Kids Reversible Quilted Jacket Pink
Kids Reversible Quilted Jacket Pink
Kids Reversible Quilted Jacket Pink
Kids Reversible Quilted Jacket Pink
Kids Reversible Quilted Jacket Pink
Kids Reversible Quilted Jacket Pink
Kids Reversible Quilted Jacket Pink
Kids Reversible Quilted Jacket Pink
Kids Reversible Quilted Jacket Pink
Kids Reversible Quilted Jacket Pink
Kids Reversible Quilted Jacket Pink

Kids Reversible Quilted Jacket Pink

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Original kids wear made with Indian handicrafts and natural materials.

I wanted to create more children's clothes that are cute and kind to people and nature, so I created them in India.

Reversible jacket with vegetable dyeing and hand block print.

* Vests with the same pattern are also available.

Vegetable dyeing is natural color. It is pink dyed with madder and natural dyes.

At our local partner's workshop, the madder roots are placed on a tree and crushed with stones to make a powder into a dye.

Separate the marigold petals one by one and dry them.

Since no chemical dyes are used, it takes time and effort, but the natural color is attractive.

Printing is a traditional Indian craft called ``hand block printing,'' in which hand-carved woodblocks are dipped in ink and pressed onto cloth to create patterns.

Hand block printing involves many steps, in which the pattern is completed by pressing as many blocks as the number of colors to be used.

hand block print

It is said to be the origin of Indian art, and its value is so recognized that even machine prints are intentionally made to resemble hand block prints.

There are many machine-printed products locally, Even though they have the same pattern, they have completely different atmospheres. I realized how the hand-carved patterns and the depth of the layered dyeing can change the appearance of clothes so much.

Hand block printing has a long history, and there are more designs than you can keep track of.

Among them, we selected a delicate botanical pattern that reproduced the designs used when printed fabrics were exported to Europe in the late 17th century and had them printed.

There is no front and back Since it is reversible, the washing instructions are sewn into the pocket.

Please enjoy both designs by matching them with your clothes.

The material is cotton. The filling also does not use chemical fibers, and is made of 50% cotton: 50% organic cotton stuffed between two pieces of cloth.

The hemming and quilting are applied in 1mm increments, and both types of fabric are used on the inside of the pockets, giving attention and effort to even the invisible parts.

It is a soft and light natural material that is safe to touch with your skin.

It's layered with cotton , so it's firm and feels a little stiff at first, but the more you wear it, the softer it becomes and adapts to your body shape. It feels even better when it becomes sticky and soft.

Enjoy the comfort and aging of natural materials.

It has dropped shoulders and wide side and armholes, so you can wear it over a loose knit.

T-shirts in spring, coats in early fall, You can enjoy it with knitwear in winter.

The size is one size. The image worn is He is 3 years 0 months old and 93cm tall .

It depends on the body shape, but the size is suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 4.

Because it is a highly designed item, Not only can you wear it on special days, but you can also create a fresh look by simply matching it with your usual T-shirt or denim.

If you wear it with a mom who has the same design and change the front and back sides, you can create a casual matching style.

This item would also make a great birthday gift.

We offer free wrapping for Ross Flowers. Please specify in the notes section when ordering.

Here we introduce how to care for vegetable dyeing .

If you are concerned about the size, please feel free to contact us. We can also introduce details via LINE video call. Please click here .

*The images are taken in natural lighting to bring them closer to the real thing, but please note that colors may appear differently depending on your monitor. 

*Everything from dyeing to making is done by hand. There may be uneven dyeing, small stains, marks, etc. In particular, there are individual differences in color when dyeing with plants. The sewing is also different from Japanese industrial products. Thank you for your understanding before purchasing.

[Country of origin] Made in INDIA


Length (from the highest point of the shoulder): Width 39cm ( straight line distance under armpit) 37 cm Armhole (shoulder and armpit circumference) 34cm Circumference of cuff: 20cm Length (length from center of collar to cuff): 46cm As this item is handmade, there may be individual differences. Please note that the stated size is a guideline and may vary by approximately 1-2 cm.


Material Cotton Shell Button


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