Shiraiwari doll CALLA

Shiraiwari doll CALLA
Shiraiwari doll CALLA
Shiraiwari doll CALLA
Shiraiwari doll CALLA

Shiraiwari doll CALLA

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A Stitch Against Waste. A Stitch for Freedom.

My daughter found a Shiraiwali doll in a modern shop while in Jaipur on a buying trip from India.

They are characterized by wearing ethnic costumes that represent their respective identities, such as Latin and African.

Shiraiwari dolls can be made to move their limbs, sit down, and make various gestures.

It is also possible to put on and take off clothes. You can also make Shiraiwari doll clothes out of your child's sized clothes and have fun dressing them up.

With an indescribable expression, It has an appearance that makes you want to keep it in your living room or somewhere visible, not in your child's room.

Comes with a box that can be stored together with the futon, pillow, and blanket. It's like being in bed.

Made of cotton material that is gentle on children's skin. Since it is made of cloth, it is easy to clean.

It will be your playmate for a long time, from babies to the age of playing house.

A surprisingly large Shiraiwari doll with a height of 47cm.

This is about the size a 2 year old can hold.

It feels big when a child holds it, but It doesn't seem to bother me because it's soft enough to fit in my hands.

The item will be shipped in Yamato 100 size.

Size comparison. From the right: the box (bed) containing the Shiraiwari doll, the shipping box, and the guitar.

Shiraiwali dolls are made by refugee women who moved to India from Afghanistan.

As refugees, it is difficult to find work in a new place even if you move from your home country to another country.

I went to the workshop in Delhi and spoke directly to Lris, co-founder of Silaiwali.

lris has been involved in the textile and fashion industry in India for many years, and because of the fast cycles in the industry, she wanted to do something about the textile waste that is discarded each season. The items we make are upcycled from textile waste and deadstock from the clothing manufacturing industry.

Silaiwali is We manufacture products under the guidance of a livelihood program for refugees mandated by UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency).

By purchasing a doll, you can support the lives of Afghan refugees.

Fair trade shopping is an action that is fair to both the producer and the buyer and makes both parties happy.

In addition to feeling saddened by wars and conflicts, there are also things we can do.

It would be nice to be able to tell your children when they are older.

Recommended as a baby gift or birthday gift.

We offer free wrapping with original wrapping paper and Ross flowers.

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[Country of origin] Made in India

Vender: Silaiwali

Siraiwali works with Afghan women refugees in New Delhi under the guidance of the UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency) mandated livelihoods program for refugees. Shiraiwali currently provides sustainable income for 60 to 70 female refugees, adheres to the principles of fair wages, clean working conditions within walking distance of refugee homes, and encourages children to work. We have a zero-tolerance policy.


Approx. Height 47 cm Width 13 cm


material Cotton dolls, polyfill, yarn, cotton futons, paper boxes


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