upbeads smartphone shoulder mobile strap OLIVE

upbeads smartphone shoulder mobile strap OLIVE
upbeads smartphone shoulder mobile strap OLIVE
upbeads smartphone shoulder mobile strap OLIVE
upbeads smartphone shoulder mobile strap OLIVE
upbeads smartphone shoulder mobile strap OLIVE

upbeads smartphone shoulder mobile strap OLIVE

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Sustainably made, wood beads chain From Germany

A smartphone shoulder strap is useful when you want to hold your smartphone but don't want to cover your hands, such as while cooking, playing outside with your children, or while traveling.

FSC from sustainable forestry in Germany ® certified wood and wooden beads, the colorful colors are coated with German-made dyes that are friendly to people and the environment.

*FSC® certification is a certification system by FSC® or Forest Stewardship Council. We certify that our products come from responsibly and sustainably managed forests and supply chains.

Smartphone straps tend to give a sporty look, but the moderately sized wood beads prevent them from digging into your body, making them an accent piece like a necklace.

Since it is connected with durable paracord, it won't rub or break like string smartphone straps, and can be used for a wide range of purposes in addition to smartphones, such as shoulder straps for bags, wallet chains, and key chains.

*This is a different color.

The length is approximately 118-120cm including the carabiner (there are individual differences)

The weight is approximately 90g including the carabiner. Wood beads are lighter than they look.

We also provide a set with a transparent strap holder that can be placed between your smartphone and case so that you can attach the Up Beads Smartphone Shoulder even if you are using a smartphone cover that does not have a strap holder.

(A transparent strap holder is included as a service. PVC material is not permanent and is a consumable item that deteriorates with frequency of use. Please note that we will not accept any defects.)

*Smartphone case not included.

upbeads are handmade one by one by young mothers living near Hamburg and Berlin. This is a work environment where you can stay at home with your children while supporting your family financially.

upbeads plants one tree for every bottle sold, contributing to sustainable forestry, donating a portion of sales to the epilepsy association ``Soley for Syngap eV,'' and helping people evacuate from Ukraine to Germany. The money will be used to support orphanages.

A smartphone strap that contributes to society and protects the environment.

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[Country of manufacture] Made in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany


A German brand that produces handmade smartphone straps. Reforestation is carried out through an organization called Eden Reforestation Projects, which supports environmental protection around the world.


Approximately 118-120cm (including carabiner) There may be individual differences as they are handmade.

Bead diameter: 1.4cm Carabiner thickness: 4mm Weight: 90g (including carabiner)


Materials: FSC® certified wood beads, paracord, drawstring bag, (transparent strap holder service)


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