A rice husk cutlery set was featured in "BIS" special feature on sustainable living starting today!



Magazine bis January 2022 issue released on December 1st

Change the Future “Start a sustainable life today” special feature

A cutlery set made from rice husks [BPA-free] has been published!

A cutlery set made from the rice husks left during the rice harvest.

It's lightweight and easy to use, and can be used from everyday lunchtime to outdoors, so it's useful.

It is easy to wash and dries quickly, making it very practical.

It is also a popular item in online stores.

We also have "plant straws" that come in matching colors.

'Go Out' Break away from your disposable habits.

Reuse cups and cutlery to reduce waste.

Cute items that you can easily carry around will put you in a good mood ♡

-Excerpt from bis sustainable page-

Carry your cutlery and straw with you

Let's reduce the demand for disposable items ◎