Straps handmade in Germany <upbeads>

Popular upbeads strap.

In our store, we have a 120cm shoulder type that can be worn diagonally.

We carry two types: short MINI size.

up beads

upbeads shoulder 120cm

upbeads MINI 24cm

The material of upbeads made in Germany is wood beads made from wood.

Germany has a culture of celebrating Christmas grandly every year, and many Christmas decorations are made of wood, and woodwork is popular.

Wood beads are made using FSC® certified beads and are handmade by young mothers living in Hamburg and Berlin.

Berlin parks visited in 2014

I was impressed by the number of fathers who brought their children with them.

Germany is famous for its wood products.

upbeads plants one tree for every one sold, working towards sustainable forestry.

We also actively contribute to society by donating a portion of our sales to the epilepsy association "Soley for Syngap eV" and supporting orphanages for people evacuated from Ukraine to Germany .

Berlin flea market

It feels good to have a strap that allows you to conveniently use your smartphone, which is an essential part of your life, and is made with proper circulation.

Colored items are coated with German-made dyes that are friendly to people and the environment.

The paint has never peeled off or faded.

The unpainted wood series will change color the more you use it.

<upbeads Wood Brown>

Top: Unused wood brown

Bottom: Wood brown used almost every day for about a year

You can also enjoy how it changes over time as it gets tanned and becomes glossy.

I really like the way it tastes, and it's popular with customers when it comes to POP UP.

Wood brown with changing color

Upbeads are connected with sturdy paracord that won't break even when children pull them.

The shoulder type looks like a necklace and is cute when worn diagonally.

<upbeads red x white>

The approximately 24cm MINI is long enough to look like a bracelet when worn on the wrist.

Recommended for those who want to wear a smartphone strap but don't want to wear it on their shoulder.

The carabiner makes it easy to put on and take off, so you can put it on only when you go out, or take it off to match your belongings, stress-free.

Once you use it, you won't be able to part with it!

Popular colors sell out quickly, but we restock them frequently.

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