Shipping costs have been reduced

Hello. This is NOZOMI from NOZZI BAZZAR.

Today we would like to inform you of a change in delivery method.

We have recently changed our standard delivery method from Yu-Pack to Kuroneko Yamato.

Items larger than 3cm were sent using Yu-Pack 60 size.

Items within 5cm can now be sent using Kuroneko Yamato's " Takkyubin Compact".

Shipping costs are now cheaper than before.

For example, if delivery is from Miyagi prefecture to Mie prefecture,

Yupack 750 yen → Takkyubin Compact 374 yen.

(Shipped from Tokyo).

Items that do not fit into " Takkyubin Compact" will be size 60.

We apply various discounts, so the price is also lower.

Click here for nationwide shipping charges
・If you use "Cash on Delivery", the item will be delivered by "Yu-Pack".

Due to frequent increases in shipping charges,

I don't know how long this amount will last, but

This is the amount that we are currently making the most effort possible.

We are also considering free shipping.

Due to the recent increase in shipping charges

The situation is difficult at this stage as it has a major impact on operations.

Free shipping continues to be available for orders over 18,000 yen.

I hope you understand.

To keep shipping costs as low as possible

I will continue to explore this every day.

Thank you very much.

- Items within 3cm in thickness will still be delivered via Click Post for a flat rate of 198 yen nationwide .

・For shipping charges for each item, please see the [Shipping] column on the product page.

Those who came to Japan from overseas by crossing the sea

We will travel to customers all over Japan.

The joy of being able to lead someone to someone in need.

My heart is always full.

I would like to thank the delivery company again,

Avoid using plastic as much as possible

Place all items other than those that are fragile in bags that can be returned to the soil.

Delivered in eco-friendly packaging.

For requests such as specifying a time zone or wrapping,

Please enter it in the "Order Notes" field when placing your order .

I hope you have a chance to encounter some wonderful handcrafts.

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