Ethical miscellaneous goods that blend in with your room. fair trade flower vase

Good evening.


Today we would like to introduce you to a flower vase from Dutch interior brand KINTA.

A flower vase from KINTA, a Dutch brand that sells interior goods made from recycled materials.

Our motto is "Continuing to produce high-quality and sustainable products for 25 years," and we have built a long-standing relationship of trust through fair trade with the production areas of Vietnam and the Philippines.

The materials used for our products are recycled materials and natural materials sourced from the Philippines and Vietnam, where we have workshops.

We value traditional manufacturing techniques that do not burden the environment.

This flower vase is an eco-friendly material made from recycled plastic bottles coated with a mixture of capiz and waste paper.

Capiz is a flat, oyster-like shell found in large quantities in the waters around the Philippine Islands, and is a natural material unique to the Philippines that is often used locally for lamps, lighting, and home accessories.

Natural products unique to the area, recycled materials, and fair trade handicrafts are all ideal.
I thought it would be a good fit for the ethical perspective that I value when choosing items, so I would definitely carry it.

Although it looks like a piece of pottery, it is surprisingly light and allows for smooth daily water changes.
It goes well with both fresh flowers and dried flowers, creating a dignified atmosphere.

Capiz reflects the sunlight and shines like marble, so this is a flower vase that you want to place near a window or in a place that gets sunlight.


This is a recycled flower vase made from a mix of wood chips and waste paper pulp.

Many products that use wood or old paper have a strong sense of craft, but this one has a color that doesn't make an overpowering statement, so it will fit in with a wide range of interiors.



The design and manufacturing process are both wonderful.
Both those who use it and those who make it
Making things that make everyone happy.

Our store's role is to convey the brand's commitment to quality and the quality of its wonderful products.
I want to be a ``deliverer'' who understands the thoughts of those who make products and the feelings of those who use them.
Things and people, land and people, dreams, and healing.
We aim to "connect" various things through objects.

We only handle small quantities of flower vases in order to avoid overstocking.
In addition, due to the current global situation, it is difficult to foresee when the product will be restocked.
If you see something that catches your eye, please don't miss out and buy it.

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