Make the people who use it happy. Reasons for delivering handicrafts from overseas

Good evening.


Today I would like to talk about our store's concept, "The reason we deliver handicrafts from overseas."

I am writing it at length and frankly...!

NOZZI BAZZAR is a shop I started while I was in Mexico, wanting to bring to Japan the cultures and handicrafts of various parts of the world that I had seen first-hand while traveling abroad.

I opened an online store and was traveling while making purchases.

Two and a half years after I left Japan, I entered South America from Argentina, and while traveling north, I decided to return home temporarily to attend a Japanese friend's wedding.

I booked a flight back to Japan from Peru, where I was staying at the time, six months in advance, and traveled around Peru, making purchases in a planned manner.

The plane ticket is a round trip ticket from Peru to Japan.
I was planning to return to Peru six months after returning to Japan and continue my travels and purchases in South America.

I was looking forward to resuming my trip to Ecuador and Colombia, which I had not visited yet, and especially looking forward to seeing Colombian handicrafts there, so I was preparing to resume my trip when I returned to Japan.

1 week before departure.
My parents' house caught fire.
That day was the anniversary of my grandmother's death, and my mother and sister were visiting her grave when the fire occurred while they were away.
The cause of the fire is still unknown.
Fortunately, no one in my family or the residents of the apartment was injured.

Her parents' home became uninhabitable, and she began living as a disaster survivor with only the clothes on her back from the night of the fire.
My family moved from place to place for about a month until we settled into our new home.

I also canceled my flight ticket back to Peru.

Fair trade, the reason why we deliver handicrafts from around the world

For me, the fire and life affected by the disaster were like a journey.
It was an experience that changed my values.

I was shocked to see my house completely black, but the fact that the fire occurred just as I was leaving Japan in a week, and that it was the anniversary of my grandmother's death, made me feel something that cannot be put into words.

I wanted to prioritize spending time with my family over my passion for travel, so I spent the rest of my life in Japan, getting married and having children.

I was thinking of going back to Peru and restarting my trip when the timing was right, but it didn't seem like I would be able to move on my own timing for a while...
My thoughts about Colombia and other countries I want to go to grow.

I want to dive into a new land, language, culture, scenery, food, smells, and places that stimulate my five senses.

There are over 100 areas that I would like to visit.

However, I felt that it would be difficult to experience it even if I spent the rest of my life doing so.

Fair trade, the reason why we deliver handicrafts from around the world

You never know what will happen in life.
With the pandemic, I think people all over the world are feeling it too.

Until now, it was easy to go abroad if you had the time and money.
Borders around the world are closed, and we are unable to freely go out of our homes, let alone overseas.

Even in times like these, what I like remains the same.
If anything, your feelings for the things you love will grow.
What I like are handcrafts that make my heart flutter when I see them, when I use them, or when I'm next to them.

Things made by hand have a warmth and temperature that mass-produced machine products don't have, and the more you use them, the more you get used to them.

Materials from all over the world and colors, patterns, and shapes unique to each region.

If you can feel the background through things from overseas,
I'm sure you'll feel as excited as if you were traveling.
I think it will bring new air to your life.

Because you don't know what's going to happen
I want to be surrounded by the things I like at all times and cherish the time I have for myself.
Something that fills your heart so you can look forward.

We collect such items from all over the world and deliver them to you.
This feeling is also connected to our store's goal of "making the people who use our products happy."