Shipping has resumed

We have resumed shipping from today.

To everyone who ordered,
Thank you for your patience.

I have been touring the country with POP UP since spring.
It was my first big vacation.

It will be about a week, but I will try my best not to touch the PC.
At work, I spend most of the day touching
Reduce the frequency of chat apps and SNS

in the forest
I was doing a mini digital detox.

In the time that passes more slowly than usual
While feeling the growth of my daughter who is now 3 and a half years old.
We were savoring the time we spent together.

POP UP will start again next month.
The schedule will be announced in the next post.

From now until autumn
New items arrive from all over the world, so
Please look forward to it*

The photo was chosen as a birthday present.
Customer gift wrapping.

From a flower shop friend @m.flowers0725
I asked them to give me the Rossflower that was no longer for sale,
We use it for free gift wrapping.

from now on
A cycle of love from those around you
We will deliver it to everyone.

Nice to meet you.

NOZZI BAZZAR gift wrapping