I returned from India

Thank you for ordering from our online store, even though we will not be able to ship for a long time during the purchasing period in India.

Also, to everyone who followed my long Instagram travelogue,

The Instagram live was busy, but I was happy to receive comments!

We have resumed shipping from the 20th.

As a thank you for your patience, we have included a small souvenir from India.

During my three-week stay in India, I met as many people as possible, spent time with them, and absorbed their customs and thoughts.

At the workshop, we were able to adjust the desired shape based on the sample, match the fabrics, and discuss each item carefully one by one.

The one I am wearing in the photo is a sample of a quilted jacket.

This is a reversible jacket with hand block print and vegetable dyeing.

I also went to a workshop in Bagloo, a village that makes hand block prints, which I had always wanted to do, and was able to see the process of hand block printing, dyeing, etc.

I would like to introduce this workshop again, along with photos.

India is a vast and deep country, and although I have only seen a small portion of it, I would like to introduce people and lifestyles that lie ahead through manufacturing.
I will definitely go again. I am determined and will continue to do my best.

We produce hand block printed and plant-dyed jackets, dresses, children's clothes, bags, interior items, and more.

These items will go on sale around spring next year.
We will be uploading locally finished Guduri coats and incense in due course.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!