I will go on a purchasing trip to Mexico from December to the end of January.

It's almost a year since my first trip to India with my kids.
From everyday life that passes by so fast
The days in India were spent at a slightly slower pace.

I go to my partner's workshop every day.
Oh, it's not this, it's not this
While having a meeting
We all have lunch together,
While having chai time over and over again
Follow the same flow and have dinner together.
The days when we lived in the same rhythm.

There's a lot to do
My brain is running at full speed
Screen time is significantly lower than in Japan.
I feel like I was having a peaceful time.

Those days will gradually come later
It's like it's ingrained in me,
Even in Japan's fast cycle
It remains in the core of my heart.

Also about a trip I took nine years ago when I was wandering overseas.
Sometimes I look back
If you want to print a photo,
I'm sure this will continue to be central to me.

That's why I can't stop traveling.

This year we are celebrating New Year's Eve in Mexico.
I also have a manufacturing mission that I want to accomplish.
I cherish being able to enjoy each day with my daughter, who will soon be 4 years old.

Mexico is as large a country as India.
I want to explore local handcrafts from areas that interest me.

It looks like you will have to wait a long time for shipping from the online store.
Please let us know as soon as it is decided.

Weaving a Mexican hammock tote bag. It is woven by people living in rural villages who drive up the mountains in minivans.