plastic trash and mercado bags



Today is May 30th.

5 (go) 3 (mi) 0 (zero)

It seems that it has been designated as ``Zero Garbage Day'' as a play on words.

In a desperate situation of environmental pollution

The plastic waste problem requires an urgent solution.

The more trash there is, the more it is used in our daily lives.

smartphones, home appliances, food packaging, cosmetics,

Plastic is used in everything around us.

Restaurants in Cusco, Peru
Cheap and delicious kebab shop in Cusco, Peru

When I think about the plastic waste problem, what comes to mind is:

The option of not using plastic products.

With the plastic that is all around us,

Sometimes I felt guilty.

From time to time, I also see the idea that "plastic is bad."

But is that really the case? As if wondering.

Until now, we have lived with the benefits of plastic.

Thanks to plastic materials, they protect fragile items and are durable and can be used for a long time.

Plastic was originally developed as an alternative to billiard balls, which were made from ivory.

Materials created from an animal welfare perspective

Rather than completely eliminating it as "evil",

I would like to aim for a path where we can coexist well.

Cows in Masai Mara, Kenya
Wild buffalo in Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

I don't like plastic bottles because they take up space in the kitchen trash can.

I try not to buy as much as possible.

I don't like things that are simply "disposable",

I want to reduce the amount of garbage generated at home, including garbage other than plastic.

I do it not so much for the environment as for me to live comfortably.

Separate the garbage that can be recycled,

If you can't separate the trash you generate when you go out, we'll take it home with you.

Choose bottles or paper bags for food and seasoning containers,

Microplastics that flow into the drain when washing dishes

I tried switching from sponge to hand-knitted linen netting to reduce the amount of waste.

I bought a linen dishwashing net from a handmade site because it wasn't sold in my neighborhood.

The areas that are easy for me to review are the kitchen area and the water area.

In a form that suits each lifestyle

I want to use plastic wisely.

reused cardboard
The packaging is made from recycled cardboard.

Mercado bags made from recycled plastic

Most of the items in our store are

Because it is an overseas handcraft,

The materials are also made from local sources.

It's made from upcycled Kenyan cowbone,

Philippine Caspian shell,

Mexican abalone shell etc.

Many natural materials unique to the area are used.

Jewelry made from discarded cowbone in Kenya

We also handle recycled materials.

Kenyan brass

Philippine news paper, wood chips,

mexican mercado bag

It is made by recycling what was used in that country.

Flower vase made from Philippine waste paper and wood chips

Plastic can be recycled and turned into various things.

As I introduced in the previous blog, the Mexican mercado bag is

Made from recycled plastic made from recycled plastic bottle caps.

BLOG: Introduction to each size of Mercado bags and the makers.

We process plastic bottle caps collected from all over Mexico into string-like ropes,

It is made by hand knitting one piece at a time, similar to basket weaving.

We knit by matching the tape to the wooden pattern.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of durable plastic that is water resistant and washable

Using one bag for a long time is also sustainable.

I use three Mercado bags in different sizes.

The ease of use allows you to use it without worrying about rain or dirt.

This is an advantage that leather and natural materials do not have.

Mercado bags can be used without hesitation even on rainy days.

Reducing plastic waste while also increasing recycled plastic

Use it well. We believe that this will lead to a sustainable cycle.

Our store sells traditional handicrafts from overseas and

We carry local handcrafts made by people who love the earth.

If you are looking for items that will make you and nature feel comfortable, please take a look.