Visit a hammock bag weaver. 2024 Mexico Trip

A record of my trip to Mexico for about 2 months from 2023.12 to 2024.1.

We are broadcasting in real time on Instagram .

I went to Lalainsar village to meet a hammock bag weaver.

I met up with my partner Dominga, who is coordinating the bag production, in front of Santo Domingo Church at 7am.

I came across a hammock bag in this town,
NOZZI BAZZAR has started, including purchasing.

In the Artesania market around the church
I've been there more times than I can count
I never really looked at the church like this.
I thought to myself as I watched the church for a while until Dominga came.

Morning mass begins with the sound of the bell at 7 o'clock.
I could hear hymns coming from the chapel.

"Good morning, it's cold," Dominga said as he appeared.

I walked slowly to the taxi stand and waited for people to share with me.
It's about an hour's drive from here to Lalainsar, and we leave once a certain number of people have gathered.

The second image shows us steadily climbing up the foggy mountain road.
San Cristobal is 2,000m above sea level. Further to the highlands.

After running for about 30 minutes, the sun started to come into view.
The lush greenery of the trees instantly gives you the illusion that you are driving on a Japanese mountain road.
Humid mountain landscape.

Arrived at Lalainsar village. Meet the weavers in front of the church in Centro.

The heads of each village gather one by one and enter the church. Is it a morning meeting?

Formal attire includes a black woolen huipil and a hat with many ribbons.
The leather sandals called Huarache and the net bag are original.
The costumes on display at the museum are not from the past, but from the current era. It was amazing to see how many people gathered.

Walk to the weaver's house. Since it is a mountain village, there are many steep slopes. I think my legs and back will become stronger if I live here. The village on the other side was still foggy.

Even when I'm on the move or while I'm waiting, they respond to my calls, and we have casual conversations.

Maybe it's because my Spanish isn't good.
I feel that her quiet and reserved personality is reminiscent of a Mayan indigenous woman.

The scenery I saw from the car and the time I spent with Dominga.
It was a day that I want to remember every moment with great detail.

This is getting too long, so I'll continue it next time.