POP UP and summer vacation notice

\POP UP and summer vacation notice/

August 3rd to 9th
Hiroo Plaza 1st floor, next to Starbucks
(It is a gallery-like space facing the street, not inside the building.)

*1 minute walk from Hiroo Station Exit 1
*Bus stop: “Hiroobashi Station”
*There is also a parking lot

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▼Online store shipping holiday period▼
August 10th-17th

The online store will be closed for shipping on the dates listed above.

Orders received during the shipping holiday period will be processed sequentially from August 18th after the holiday.

This year, I want to do summer-like things like festivals, fireworks, and traveling!

For the first time in a while, my family is not working and is completely private! I'm going on a trip.

I hope you all have a fun summer.