POP UP notice [June to August]

POP UP notice [June to August]

We will inform you of the store opening schedule from June onwards.

It will be updated if there are any additions.

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May 31st (Wednesday) - June 6th (Tuesday)
Osaka Prefecture Hankyu Umeda 10th Floor Souk Chuo Block Park

June 10th (Sat) - 11th (Sun)

1-18-1 Senzokudai, Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture

TEL 0438-97-7850

June 20th (Tuesday) - June 26th (Monday)
Kyoto Prefecture JR Isetan Kyoto store 5th floor women's wear spot

June 28th (Wednesday) - July 4th (Tuesday)
Aichi Prefecture Hoshigaoka Mitsukoshi 3rd floor

July 12th (Wednesday) - July 18th (Tuesday)
Kanagawa Prefecture Odakyu Shonan GATE Fujisawa 2nd floor main entrance Kirat Plus

August 3rd (Thursday) - August 9th (Wednesday)

Tokyo Hiroo Plaza 1st floor next to Starbucks

𓇬 𓇬 𓇬 𓇬 𓇬 𓇬 𓇬 𓇬 𓇬 𓇬 𓇬

Including Mexican mercado bags that are in full season, original women's and children's wear, Kanta quilts, etc.

The lineup will be different for each store, so we will inform you of the details as the exhibition approaches.

Actually pick it up, try it on,
I travel all over the country with the desire to give people a feel for the handicrafts of each region.

We want you to enjoy overseas handcrafts that can only be found here.
Please do not miss.

Details of each store opening, such as additional store openings and lineups, will be announced on Instagram as they get closer, so be sure to follow us and check it out!