What I felt when I looked back on this year

When the store openings have settled down and I look back on half of this year, I suddenly think of that person or that person.

The people I have met through this shop.

Creators and customers from all over the world,

To everyone who helps with sales,

Self-employed friends, people who open stores,

Everyone is kind and has a big heart.

Creators and partners from all over the world,
Understand what I value
Let's make things together,
Handcrafts are a part of daily life
I am allowed to purchase it.

Nosy Bazaar is
open minded and honest
There were many moments during the semester when I felt that I was supported by genuine people .

I was able to meet some wonderful people,
I was able to make a connection
This is the greatest asset I gained from this job.

Thank you always so much.

The photo was taken in Bagru, a block printing village in India that I visited last year.

It is a quiet village that is not visited by tourists.

At a natural dyeing workshop
I was able to see many processes.

dyed Spread out a long piece of cloth one by one
Drying outside.

A village where time passes slowly.

My daughter didn't even get out of the stroller in the city.
Here I got off and ran around.
I would definitely like to stay there next time I visit.

We will continue to do our best to introduce you to our wonderful handiwork .