upbeads is now in stock!

The popular upbeads smartphone shoulder is now in stock.
This time we have 4 special colors custom made by NOZZI BAZZAR, all of which are cuter combinations than you can imagine!

brown x blue

[Purple mix]

Gray x pink

red x white

Smartphone straps are useful when you want to hold your smartphone but don't want to cover your hands, such as while cooking, playing outside with your children, or traveling.

It was very useful on my recent buying trip to India.

For Indian people who don't wear smartphone accessories

I often hear people say things like, "That's great! Where is it? I want it too!"

Smartphone straps tend to give a sporty look, but the wood beads are just the right size so they don't dig into your body.
Designed as an accent like a necklace.

It comes with a transparent strap holder that can be inserted between the smartphone and the cover, so if you have a smartphone cover, you can use it immediately (some cases may not be compatible).

It is lighter than it looks, weighing about 90g including the carabiner.

Easy to put on and take off, convenient ◎

Wood beads are made using FSC® certified beads and are handmade by young mothers living in Hamburg and Berlin.

upbeads contributes to society through activities such as planting one tree for every one sold, contributing to sustainable forestry, and donating a portion of sales to the epilepsy association "Soley for Syngap eV" and supporting orphanages. We are also actively doing this.

It's popular, so if you like it, hurry up *

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