upbeads MINI is now in stock!

From upbeads smartphone shoulder

Short MINI size is now available!

Two special colors custom-made by NOZZI BAZZAR have been added to the popular color lineup.

The approximately 24cm MINI is

When you wear it on your wrist, it looks like a bracelet and is cute.

<upbeads MINI White>

<upbeads MINI Gray x Pink> NOZZI BAZZAR custom color

<upbeads MINI Red x White> NOZZI BAZZAR custom color

<upbeads MINI Wood Brown>

Recommended for those who want to wear a smartphone strap but don't want to wear it on their shoulder.

It's convenient and easy to put on and take off.

Wood beads are made using FSC® certified beads and are handmade by young mothers living in Hamburg and Berlin.

upbeads contributes to society through activities such as planting one tree for every one sold, contributing to sustainable forestry, donating a portion of sales to the epilepsy association "Soley for Syngap eV", and allocating to support orphanages. We are also actively doing this.

Please take a look!

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