Vintage Kantha Quilt D

Vintage Kantha Quilt D
Vintage Kantha Quilt D
Vintage Kantha Quilt D
Vintage Kantha Quilt D
Vintage Kantha Quilt D
Vintage Kantha Quilt D
Vintage Kantha Quilt D
Vintage Kantha Quilt D
Vintage Kantha Quilt D
Vintage Kantha Quilt D
Vintage Kantha Quilt D
Vintage Kantha Quilt D

Vintage Kantha Quilt D

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Kantha quilt selected from a huge stock in India.

This cloth, which has various names such as Kantha quilt, Rally quilt, and Guduri, is full of Indian handicrafts.

Weaving of fabric, block printing using woodblock printing, layered dyeing, embroidery, careful sashiko...

Traditional crafts are made in various parts of India, but the ones I selected were mainly made in West Bengal, the western part of India.

As it is adjacent to Bangladesh, it is an area where many different cultures come and go.

They were produced by people in villages near the border, far from towns, for use in their daily lives. Cloth has been used with great care for decades by being reinforced and spliced. It is a fabric so essential to daily life that it is used as one of the trousseau items when getting married.

From Kantha quilts collected from all over the world, we have selected ones with particularly detailed sashiko called Kantha embroidery.

The embroidery is so dense that you can't see it unless you look closely.

Use it as a sofa or bed cover to completely transform your room.

This is large enough to cover a 200cm wide three-seater sofa up to the armrests.

Even the brightly colored Kantha quilt has a unique texture over time that blends in with other items, creating a shabby chic interior.

Since it is made of several pieces of cloth pasted together, it is reversible with different sides.

It is also attractive that you can enjoy both designs with one piece and easily change the atmosphere.

You can use it as a sofa cover or spread it on the floor like a rug.

It can be used in a variety of ways in all seasons, at home or outdoors.

As no two items are the same, the fabric condition and size may vary.

This item has no noticeable damage and is in relatively good condition. A design that brightens up your space with a contrasting color scheme.
This is an elaborate piece with detailed sashiko and embroidery patterns.

The thickness is a little thicker among Kantha quilts. Because the fabric is layered, it is not flimsy and thin.

Although the exact age is unknown, the Kantha quilt is old enough to be called vintage.

There are signs of wear, tears, stains, fraying, etc. that are typical of vintage items, but the texture, including damage, is unique to Kantha quilts.

Each one of them has a charm that makes you feel loved.

Inheriting the custom of treating cloth with care and not wasting it, we create fabrics that you want to grow old with your furniture and home.

Please try incorporating it into your daily life.

[Country of origin] Made in INDIA

[Size] Approx. 135cm x 216cm

[Material] Cotton Click here to learn how to care for your Kantha quilt .


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