Incense plate palo santo saucer

Incense plate palo santo saucer
Incense plate palo santo saucer
Incense plate palo santo saucer
Incense plate palo santo saucer
Incense plate palo santo saucer

Incense plate palo santo saucer

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Artist introduction: INCE.NSE

Handmade incense holder by Nastya, a clay artist based in Moscow .

The incense holders made by a woman who loves incense are not just about design.

We pay special attention to the angle of the incense and the way the ashes are received, so that you can enjoy the scent without stress.

Palo santo and white sage A small plate that can be used as a container for cone-type incense.

you have You can easily dispose of ashes by placing an incense holder.

Nastya's work is characterized by freehand motifs.

Each one has a meaning.

Month …bring new energy and good events into your life

hand …Delivering power and energy

Rabbit …Symbol of 2023

Tiger...power and energy

Snake...feminine symbol and energy

Doors…open minds, open new abilities

eye… The subconscious mind and true desires of the heart change the scenery you see depending on what you are conscious of.

A message drawn freehand,

You can feel the warmth of handcrafts in the shapes created by human hands and the texture of the soil.

With a unique design that can also be used as interior accessories to brighten up your room.

Not only can it be used as an incense holder, but it can also be used to store small items such as accessories.

This is an incense holder that you will want to line up with your favorite accessories and enjoy your own special view of the world.

[Country of origin] Made in Russia

Vendor: INCE.NSE

Nastya, who lives in Moscow, used to organize tours of Russian pottery artists, but due to the pandemic, she was unable to do so, so she began making her own in search of the perfect incense holder to match the Indian incense, which she had always loved. I did. Her highly symbolic designs with motifs of eyes, hands, the moon, and animals, as well as her ideas that explore different genres such as faith, space, and chemistry, have attracted many fans.


Approximately 14.5cm 6.8cm



Due to the nature of hand molding and pottery, there may be slight differences in size and color, distortion, peeling of the design, unevenness, etc. There may be some penetration, but this is not a crack. Please understand that this is a characteristic of pottery.

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