Vintage Kanta Jacket F

Vintage Kanta Jacket F
Vintage Kanta Jacket F
Vintage Kanta Jacket F
Vintage Kanta Jacket F
Vintage Kanta Jacket F
Vintage Kanta Jacket F
Vintage Kanta Jacket F
Vintage Kanta Jacket F
Vintage Kanta Jacket F
Vintage Kanta Jacket F
Vintage Kanta Jacket F

Vintage Kanta Jacket F

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I had a jacket made from a Kantha quilt selected from a huge stock in India.

This cloth, which goes by various names such as Kantha quilt, Rally quilt, and Guduri, is full of Indian handicrafts.

Weaving of fabric, block printing using woodblock printing, layered dyeing, embroidery, careful sashiko...

Traditional crafts are made in various parts of India, but the ones I selected were mainly made in West Bengal, the western part of India.

As it is adjacent to Bangladesh, it is an area where many different cultures come and go.

They were produced by people in villages near the border, far from towns, for use in their daily lives. Cloth has been used with great care for decades by being reinforced and spliced. It is a fabric so essential to daily life that it is used as one of the trousseau items when getting married.

From Kantha quilts collected from all over the world, we have selected ones with particularly detailed sashiko called Kantha embroidery.

The embroidery is so dense that you can't see it unless you look closely.

on a large cloth The sashiko was created by spending a huge amount of time on each stitch, making the cloth stronger and showing that it had been used with great care.

Although the exact age is unknown, the Kantha quilt is old enough to be called vintage.

Although there are some damages and rips, each piece has a charm that makes you feel loved.

As no two items are the same, the condition and weight of the fabric will vary.

Although the color is faded and there are some repair marks, there is no major damage and the Kanta is in relatively good condition.

Weight is approximately 1110g. It is a thick material among Kantha quilts . Because the fabric is layered, it is not flimsy and thin.

Please see the bottom of the page for sizes.

It is a reversible jacket with different front and back sides because it is made of several pieces of fabric pasted together.

In the wearing video, both sides are worn. He is 169cm tall.

Kanta jacket is It has a big silhouette that doesn't contour to your body's overall shape, and is a size that even men can wear.

Blue, which resembles indigo dyeing, is a color that suits Japanese men as well. This is a piece that you should definitely wear together.

Drop shoulder design.

The sides and armholes are wide, so you can wear it over a loose knit.

Since it is an all-over patterned jacket, we recommend pairing it with simple sweats, knits, T-shirts, etc.

It's also cute to wear over a denim jacket.

There is some fading around the front string.

There are two pockets on each side, Since it is reversible, there is no brand tag attached.

Accented by the long string on the front, The collar looks nice whether you put it up or fold it.

By making the hem a large round line and making the back slightly longer, We paid particular attention to creating a beautiful silhouette when viewed from the side.

The material is cotton. Pair it with a knit in the winter, a T-shirt in the spring, or as a cover-up in the early fall. This Kanta jacket can be used for many seasons depending on the top you match it with.

There are signs of use, tears, stains, fraying, etc. that are typical of vintage, but the texture, including damage, is also unique to Kantha quilts.

Vintage has a charm that is different from mass-produced products or fashion that follows trends.

I would be happy if you would understand it as a taste and wear it for a long time.

Here we introduce the characteristics of the Kanta jacket, examples of damage, and how to care for it.

If you are concerned about the size, please feel free to contact us. We can also introduce details via LINE video call. Please click here .

[Country of origin] Made in INDIA


①Length (front) Straight line distance from the start of the collar to the longest part of the hem...93cm

②Length (back) Straight line distance from the start of the collar to the longest part of the hem...95cm

③ Width ( straight line distance under armpit)…60cm

④Armhole ( around shoulder and armpit)…50cm

⑤Cuff circumference…42cm

⑥ Digit length ( length from center of collar to cuff)…80cm


Material cotton


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