Notice of price revision



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Thank you for using our store.

This time, some items from Mexico and Colombia.

It has become difficult to maintain the current price,

We have decided to revise the price for items arriving in May 2022.

Most of the items we carry in our store are

We are constantly reviewing the wages we pay to producers.

Rapid inflation is progressing in Mexico, and as prices rise,

I decided to raise the wages paid to the weavers.

In Colombia, the production volume of thread for weaving mochira is decreasing and the price is rising.

The reasons behind our price revisions include rising labor costs and soaring raw material costs for these reasons.

There are various reasons for this, including increased logistics costs due to fuel restrictions and a weaker yen.

Although we are from different countries, we are connected in one place, the earth, and live in the same era.
As a person and in a position to deliver handicrafts from overseas,

Always thinking about what is happening around us now

We will continue to engage in fair trade,

Aiming for a world where people who make things and people who use them can live equally happily

We will operate NOZZI BAZZAR.

Thank you for your understanding.

The production background of each region is introduced here.


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